New PEASEC study investigates how people can be motivated to prepare more for disasters while using a warning app -

Wenn Künstliche Intelligenz zur Gefahr wird: TU-Professoren Reuter und Nixdorff im "Welt am Sonntag"-Interview -

Research associate Laura Guntrum works @PEASECde & @TUDarmstadt. In her research, she explores the extent to which technical applications transform #Forms of violence & looks at risks and potentials of ICTs in political crises. #TraCeTeam

You want to learn more about digital methods in studying conflict?
Read the new paper by Laura Guntrum, Benjamin Güldenring, @Polybos, and @chrireu from @PEASECde and @TUDarmstadt who combine approaches from social and computer sciences:

#TraCe PI @chrireu is chair of @PEASECde @TUDarmstadt & deputy member of directorate. Focusing on the intersection of computer science & peace research, he looks at new #Forms of Violence such as cyber security & the impact of ICTs on conflicts. #TraCeTeam

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