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Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management (JCCM) (Impact Factor: 1.073)

Special Issue on HCI in Critical Systems

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Human computer interaction in safety-critical systems is an interdisciplinary challenge. Application fields include control systems, critical infrastructures, vehicle and traffic management, production technology, medical technology, crisis management and civil protection. Nowadays in many areas mobile and ubiquitous computing as well as social media and collaborative technologies play an important role. The specific challenges require the discussion and development of new methods and approaches in order to design information systems. These are going to be addressed in this special issue of the “Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management” (Wiley; Impact Factor: 1.073). Generally we rather focus on the effects of technology on real world practices than on computer technology itself. The significance of this topic is now also represented in the special interest group “Human Machine Interaction in Safety-Critical Systems” ( of the German Informatics Society (GI).

Examples for submissions:

  • Human Centered Design and Evaluation
  • Social Media Studies, Community Engagement
  • Geospatial Data, Command and Control Studies

Contributions and Timeline


Requirement for submission: As an author of a contribution you are asked for up to two reviews. If this is not possible (e.g. holiday reasons), please mention a representative with the submission.

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  • 10.10.2016: Submission of the Journal Articles (in English)
  • 01.11.2016: 1st Round Notifications after Peer Review
  • 01.12.2016: Submission of the revisions of the Journal Articles
  • 15.02.2017: 2nd Round Notifications after Peer Review
  • 01.03.2017: Submission of the Final Articles


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