The Societal Resilience Cluster of Horizon Projects is launching a series of webinars in 2023 on topics which focus on the strengthening of European disaster and crisis resilience.


Christian Reuter (2022)
A European Perspective on Crisis Informatics: Citizens‘ and Authorities‘ attitudes towards Social Media for Public Safety and Security
Nijmegen: The Radboud University Thesis Repository.
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Christian Reuter, Marc-André Kaufhold, Stefka Schmid, Thomas Spielhofer, Anna Sophie Hahne (2019)
The Impact of Risk Cultures: Citizens‘ Perception of Social Media Use in Emergencies across Europe
Technological Forecasting and Social Change (TFSC) ;148(119724):1–17. doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2019.119724
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Christian Reuter, Amanda Lee Hughes, Marc-André Kaufhold (2018)
Social Media in Crisis Management: An Evaluation and Analysis of Crisis Informatics Research
International Journal on Human-Computer Interaction (IJHCI) ;34(4):280–294. doi:10.1080/10447318.2018.1427832
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LINKS Webinar – The Role of Social Media in Disaster Resilience: Establishing Bridges Between Authorities and Citizens.