Prof. Dr. Christian Reuter
Leiter des Fachgebiets)

One year ago – in October 2017 – Prof. Christian Reuter started at TU Darmstadt and became a CYSEC PI. In this newsletter, he answered our “3 ½ questions” – thanks a lot!

A recent insight you had?

Peace Research does not emerge by itself – it requires support.

Anja Karliczek has 100 million euros left and doesn’t know on what to spend them. Your advice?

I would like to strengthen technical and especially computer science-related peace and security research. Scientific discoveries and technical innovations have always exerted a great influence on peace and security. This is particularly evident in topics that are subject to controversy in the general public, such as so-called cyberwar, in fake news and opinion manipulation, or in the rapid development of unmanned weapon systems. These are all topics that we try to address, but where we still see significant potential, as they are not supported in the same way in research funding.

Reading is a must. Your recommendation?

Of course, I could now suggest our (forthcoming) second textbook „Information Technology for Peace and Security – IT-Applications and Infrastructures in Conflicts, Crises, War, and Peace“ (Springer Vieweg, 2019, 425 p.) – but I recommend at this point: Naturwissenschaft – Rüstung – Frieden: Basiswissen für die Friedensforschung (Jürgen Altmann et al., 2007, Springer VS, 453 p.).

Anything else?

Cordial invitation to our conference: Science Peace Security ’19 – Perspectives of Science and Technology for Peace and Security Research from 26.-27.9.2019 at Lichtenberg-Haus in Darmstadt (

Source: CYSEC-Newsletter

CYSEC Interview: 3 ½ questions to… Christian Reuter